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Our Vision

We at Sree Harii Knit Garment are committed to Product Quality by Legal and Safety aspects, social compliance, environmental by adhering to the applicable laws of land and as per the customer requirements to improve our product supplied are safe, work environment & sustain the work force and keep them healthy.

Who We Are

Indubitably it’s the dynamic entrepreneurial spirit, found in the hosiery town of Tirupur that has pushed it to a prominent position on the export map of India.

Sree Harii Knit Garment. Situated in this quintessential town of Tirupur, started operations in…1986 and later began the exports of garments in 1992 in the Name of RBR Garments Pvt Ltd. In 2020 we have changed our Name as Sree Harii Knit Garment, has become a leading player in the export of knitted garments.

What started in a small scale is today producing nearly one Lakh pieces per month with the latest imported machineries. At present the company has touched a group turnover of around…15 c in It is expected to touch 60 c in 2022.

Undoubtedly the world of apparels is a very exciting and challenging one given the economic factor at play and the dynamic fashion scenario of the global market.

Our Mission

To attain the Vision Statement we device the following methods to execute and comply

  • * Continuously update the requirements of customer and communicate to all necessary divisions of our process.
  • * Continuously update the knowledge pertaining to the laws and amendment.
  • * Assess the risk in the product, social elements, work environment and take elimination steps to provide safer product and safe work environment.
  • * Involve the work force in their core area of work and establish a feedback mechanism to improve their work.
  • * Periodically review and amend the policies and procedure to comply with the applicable laws and its changes, CoC, Customer requirements.
  • * Reduce the waste and reuse the materials within the permissible limits by law.
  • * Contributing to Planting trees and recharge the ground water level and keep the environment green in a sustainable way.

Our Market