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quality Objectives

• In line with the Policy, Sree Harii Knit Garment has established Quality Objectives to continually improve the organisation’s performance.

• The Objectives are established considering
--- Current and future needs of the organization.
--- Current Product and Process Performance.
--- Self – assessment results.
--- Opportunities for improvement.
--- Resources needed to meet the objectives.

• The Objectives are established with the capability of being measured.

• The Quality Objectives are communicated in such a way that people in the organization can contribute to their achievement.

• This is facilitated by defining the responsibility for deployment of Quality Objectives.

• Monitoring & Review:
The measurable performance data are collected, compiled & represented in appropriate form for information & awareness.

• The Quality Objectives are systematically reviewed & revised objectives set. The frequency of review & revision is once in 6 months as appropriate. However, when additional objectives / changes are required for a department / activity / process it will be revised with the approval of the management.

• The data collection, analysis & reporting is carried out by Management Representative

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